18. august 2011

Blog AWARD ♡

I have received a blog award from sweet Christine, the woman behind the blog "kunlidtomminmand" (only little about my husband), thank you ;oD its great to get an award when my blog is so new ;) I'm writing in English since I'm passing the award on to five new bloggers and some are international. I thought it would be great to increase the network across the borders.

With the award are following tasks:
1) Link to the person who gave you the award and place the award picture on the post (heart in apple above)
2) Pass it on to 5 other bloggers, that have less than 100 readers.
3) Answer the 5 questions below

Q1: Why did you start to blog?
During my maternity leave, I slowly gained energy to start on some creative projects and regularly searched online for inspiration. Here I found a lots of creative bloggers and got inspired to both share my projects, but also show some of the fine things I encounter on my way. I've always had a creative side, but it has been packed away for quite some time, as I have been busy with my PhD study and everyday life. Another reason for starting to blog is my weakness for starting up new projects, hopefully this projects will last some time....;)

Q2: Which blogs do you follow?
My favorite blog and actually the only one I read regularly is Ulla's lullaby blog, she's excellent at taking colorful pictures, have a good style, is an active blogger, has plenty of creative projects running and not least an amazing fabric collection, which you can sigh over for hours. There are really many great blogs and although I do not follow many bloggers regularly, I can easily spend hours clicking my way around in other people's blog lists. The Blog world is totally new to me and I am daily surprised by how many talented bloggers and fun projects are out there:)

Q3: Favorite color?
Hmm purple I guess. I like purple's colorspectrum and that it has the ability to be both a hot and cold color, perhaps because you mix it from red and blue. This feature means that you can combine it with almost all other colors.

Q4: Favorite movies?
My all time favorite movie is The Big Blue, but I also love Comming to America, Pretty Woman and other old time classics. I am a total sucker for virtually all recent Danish movies, they have a depth you rarely find in the typical American moviesI am also a big fan of the Danish concept "Filmporten", which focuses on special and often small films from countries from which you don't usually see films.

Q5: which counties would you like to visit and why?
I'm very curious to visit Japan ... besides their beautiful nature, I think they have a crazy and funny culture. I am also quite fascinated by their manga art and I love sushi;)

I would like to pass this award on to the following blogs:

1) http://little-people.blogspot.com/ I love this streetart project with the little setups, it would be great to see some of these in Copenhagen.
2) http://blog.naehmarie.de/ A great blogger from Germany, from which I have bought a lot of cool fabric ;) She also has a great creative spirit and lots of inspirational ideas.
3) http://dollybirdretro.blogspot.com/ A blogger that collect wonderful and fun retrostuff, she has a great taste and I regularly check out her things.
4) http://nullergojen.blogspot.com/ A very active blogger, which regularly create new projects and update her profile with great tips.
5) http://meloupesunivers.blogspot.com/ A nice blogger that writes about her everyday life in the outskirts of Denmark, she has many great creative projects.

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